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SSI Claims

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Claims in Utah

Many people confuse the term SSDI, which stands for Social Security Disability Insurance, with SSI, the abbreviation for Supplemental Security Income. These two programs are both run by the Social Security Administration, and there is some similarity between their claims procedures, but they are different programs and serve the needs of different claimants. If you are not sure which program is best suited for your situation, contact Salt Lake City benefits claims attorney Ward Harper for a free consultation. He can help you obtain the benefits you may be entitled to under either one, depending on your specific qualifications.

The SSDI benefits program has a work history requirement. Generally speaking, you need to have earned income through employment for about half the quarters in the ten years preceding your disability to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Under the SSI program, eligibility is not based on disability and work history, but on disability and financial need. To qualify for Supplemental Security Income benefits, you need to prove that you are elderly, blind or disabled, and that your income and assets are below a certain level.

Most SSI recipients have not worked in a long time, or might never have worked at all. Applicants for Supplemental Security Income must prove a disability in the same way that SSDI applicants do, but they do not need to prove any recent work experience. They must also prove that they have few valuable assets that can be converted to cash, a monthly unearned income (from state programs or private disability insurance, for example) that does not exceed a certain level, and no more than one car and one house.

SSI benefits are not very high, but they can be a valuable source of income for food and shelter, especially for people whose other resources are extremely limited or nonexistent. An important additional benefit for Supplemental Security Income recipients is eligibility for Medicaid through the Utah Department of Workforce Services. By itself, this access to medical care can represent the most essential benefit for persons with severe medical needs.

For a free evaluation of your claim for SSI benefits or other Social Security income programs, contact the office of Salt Lake City lawyer Ward Harper.

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