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Eligibility for Benefits

Qualifications and Eligibility for SSI and SSDI Benefits

For dependable and experienced advice about your eligibility and qualifications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, contact Salt Lake City disability benefits attorney Ward Harper. With more than 26 years of experience focused in this area, he can give you a reliable idea of the qualifications that you will need to meet in order to establish your eligibility for Social Security Disability.

The qualification that you must meet first concerns work experience. Because SSDI benefits follow an insurance model, you must prove what amounts to payment of your premiums through full-time work subject to payroll withholdings for a certain number of quarters prior to your disability. The particular number of quarters worked and how recently you must have been employed varies with the applicant's age.

In general, if you have worked at least half the time since age 21 and in the two years prior to your disability, you will meet the Social Security Administration qualification for work experience. If you lack the necessary work experience for SSDI benefits, you might still be able to establish your eligibility for an SSI claim. For SSI claimants, there is no work history requirement, but no need to prove financial need based on both assets and income.

Once you have established your work experience qualifications, you need to show that you are or will be unable to work for at least 12 months — what's known as establishing a period of disability. The Social Security guidelines require that your claim of disability be supported by medical evidence relating to physical conditions, chronic illness, or mental impairments.

Finally, you must be able to demonstrate your inability to work at any past relevant employment for which you are still qualified, and that there are no alternative jobs that you can perform available in the American economy.

Ward will personally evaluate yours chances of success. Remember: he does not charge a fee unless he succeeds in obtaining you benefits. If he takes your case, he believes he will win.

Ward Harper's success rate since 2001 in obtaining benefits for his clients is 99%. To learn how his experience with the Social Security Disability claims process can benefit you, contact his Salt Lake City law firm for a free case evaluation.

Every legal matter is different. The outcome of each legal case depends upon many factors, including the facts of the case. An attorney's success in past legal matters should not be relied upon to predict a successful outcome in your own case.

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